2014 Bakersfield Father Garces Ornament


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The fifth edition of the Bakersfield Collector Christmas Ornament is Father Garces, whose statue can be found at Garces Circle in Bakersfield, California.

Each ornament comes in a protective box, including historical information related to the theme.

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Garces Memorial Traffic Circle, informally known as Garces Circle or just The Circle, is the only traffic circle in Bakersfield, California. The traffic circle is located at the intersection of Chester Avenue, Golden State Avenue (State Route 204) and 30th St in Bakersfield.

The Circle was originally built as a part US 99 in approximately 1932. A large 1939 sculpture of Father Francisco Garces by John Palo-Kangas rests inside the circle.

The Garces Memorial Traffic Circle has a near twin in the 1930 Long Beach Traffic Circle located in Long Beach.

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