2012 Bakersfield Fox Theater Ornament


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For the Third Edition of the Bakersfield Collector’s Christmas Ornament, The Majestic Fox Theater was chosen.

Each ornament comes in a protective box, including historical information related to the theme.

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The Majestic Fox Theater is located at 2001 H Street in Bakersfield, California.

The Fox Theater opened on Christmas Day, 1930. The Fox was one of the last of its kind built in the gilded age of great theaters. The featured film was “Just Imagine”, a sci-fi tale set 50 years into the future.

Today, the Bakersfield Fox is recognized for its fine acoustics and as the only remaining Fox with its Skouras signature intact — a now classic art form exuding a rare mystique.

Beginning at the sidewalk on a rainbow of polished terrazzo and then inside amid towering gold leaf, she is the exquisite blend of Spanish Colonial and Art Deco. She beckons you away from reality into twilight enchantment — a galaxy of star lights floating in the neon glow of an indigo sky — a place where your dreams of romance can come true!

Note: Ornaments may sell out quickly, and when they are gone, back orders will not be accepted. Orders will be accepted only as long as ornaments are available.

Image Credit:,_California)

Image Credit:,_California)